I... Don’t remember

"...Some part of that deal needs to be undone before I think that creature can be killed."

Margot thought for a moment. “Then we will find out who made the deal and undue it.” She sounded a lot more confident than she felt.

"Miss Margot... if you'll excuse me for asking such personal questions, being here so long and not being able to leave or be far from here for very long, what do you recall of your life before coming here? Who are your people, from where did they come?"

The question didn’t bother Margot because of how personal it was, rather because she had to think about it. Hard. And after the passing of a minute she still didn’t have an answer for him.

“I— I came here to make a living...” she said as it was the most obvious answer she could muster. “And my family... my family...” She shook her head as it started aching. “I truly cannot remember.” The answer she gave scared her more than she thought. It was only then when she realised that she’d spent the past two years thinking of nothing but the gardens and... that pond.

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