Best laid plans

Ben had to admire her drive. So willing to dive into the unknown. So willing to brave danger. It reminded him of himself at a younger age. "On the note of 'undoing' - while I've been here a long time there's always been a rift between me and the house proper. Do you think you could pry Phillip for information?"

He gave her a minute to think that over but before even giving her a chance to reply his urge to know more and more about her was consuming his thoughts.

"Miss, I know what it's like to forget the world outside this place. I recall you saying you had a mother and having been the one to get the mail on occasion or deliver to the post, I know you used to send a letter to your mother once in a while. Do you remember much about her? Like, from where she came or what her family name was? I only ask, because being this close to you for so long, now I can't get over the idea that I've met you before... like before you came to be here."

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