My apologies

Time to seal the deal...

"My apologies, m'lady, how rude of me. I am Connor Maccauley. I'm from now house even a shade as prestigious as yours so I've devoted my life to becoming a true and faithful knight of sorts, ready to serve when needed. I'm a man of many talents so," he said taking her hand and stepping forward so they were very close, "should you need anything, anything at all, I am yours to command."

He'd pulled her hand up between them so as rather than to bow and kiss it, he could continue to stare into her eyes when he did. The gesture brought their bodies even closer than before, just so the front edges of her bosom caressed his chest. As he kissed her hand extra softly this time, he breathed out a warm breath onto her fingers, staring deeply into her eyes all the while. And very carefully, his free hand found her hip and he brushed it with a single finger.

He gave her a very charming smile, that was coyly impish, and then a wink. Leaving her there in the doorway, he walked as if to leave and paused in the hall. "You know, I think my friend will be just fine, so I'll be off to my room now... which just so happens to be across from yours. So if you require an escort at any time, you know where to find me."

He offered a bow and left her there, going into his own room.

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