”Do you think you could pry Phillip for information?"

“Would Phillip be more informed on the matter than someone who has been here for generations?” Margot asked but didn’t expect an answer. Everyone knew to never question Phillip’s age or heritage or sleeping pattern (assuming he had one).

"Miss, I know what it's like to forget the world outside this place. I recall you saying you had a mother and having been the one to get the mail on occasion or deliver to the post, I know you used to send a letter to your mother once in a while. Do you remember much about her? Like, from where she came or what her family name was? I only ask, because being this close to you for so long, now I can't get over the idea that I've met you before... like before you came to be here."

Margot looked at Ben for a moment while she thought about it. “My mother...” she started. “Yes, my mother is very sick. She said so in her last letter... I suppose I just haven’t thought about it until now.” Strange, She thought to herself. Even though her heart tightened at her own words, she couldn’t quite access the emotion that she was feeling. Was she feeling anything at all? She didn’t even know exactly what she was talking about, the words just happened to come out of her mouth.

Suddenly, a scream of complete agony rippled through the air. It was so loud, Margot jumped and covered her ears for a second before recognising where it had come from.

“That daMNED CARROT! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!” She screamed back at it just as she watched it run past the barn. Without a second thought about it she ran after it.

On her way, she bumped into the masked man again. “SIR!” She said rather sternly. “What are you DOING?” The carrot ran past them again, looking more terrified than a horse that made eye contact with a lion. “HELP ME CATCH IT ALREADY!”

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