Memories flood back in

Hearing Margot scream both terrified and enlightened Ben. He had to sit, his mind flush with so many thoughts all at once. If Margot was in twenties, assuming her mother was twenty or so years her senior, that would make her grandmother... but surely she'd been too old to... she couldn't have, could she? It was certainly possible with all the time they'd spent together...

Was that why she'd asked him to come with her?

Ben tore from the barn and followed Margot into the greenhouse. Thankfully,she had the carrot replanted.

"Your grandmother's name was Raquel... Raquel Ipswitch. She raised your mother on her own, your mother's father was never spoken of. Raquel would have been quite old when you were born so you may have only heard stories. She was a vivacious and lively woman. Full of life, stories, and song. She could also take scraps of food and turn them into a feast fit for a king."

"Does anything I'm saying sound right to you?"
Ben asked. "Because if so, I'm your grandfather..."

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