Belurain Township

Shadow stood at the top of the small hill overlooking the small indistinguishable town. The old rotted wooden post indicated the name of this forgotten place in old archaic stylised letters


He rolled his shoulders and walked down the road that had long turned into a mud trail. Shadow was wet to the bone. It had been raining for days now. The overcast skies heavy with bursting clouds seemed to frame the little place in some sort of purgatory.
His horse had died under him two days ago and he had been forced to continue his journey on foot following The Call. It was as much his destiny as it was his curse.
He hefted his saddle across his broad shoulder and shook his heavy furs leaving a spray of mist in his wake.

The Township was small. Like hundreds of others he had passed or visited during his journeys. Those that saw him approaching from the many road stood only to look at his huge frame for a few seconds before averting their gaze nervously and going about their business, keen not to cross paths with this stranger.

Has he moved through town he could see furtive eyes on him. Him and the great axe he carried strapped to his back. He passed a black stone building, likely older than the town itself by the looks of the surroundings dwellings. Clearly a place of worship, with a bell tower and a strange symbol dedicated to some forsaken god.

Shadow frowned and spat into the steps leading to the church as he passed them by. An elderly woman walking by with a small child, gasped audibly at the sacrilege but averted her gaze and closed her mouth, hurrying along as she felt the man's dark eyes bare down on her as if stripping her soul.
The young boy, no more than six or seven, giggled at the giant earning him a grin from the savage face.

It was not a prosperous place Shadow note has he took in the surroundings. People appeared simple and humble, toilers of the nearby land and small crafters. There was noticeable nervousness in the air. One that went deeper than having a stranger in their midst. Even one that looked like he could dish out terrible violence in the blink on an eye.
Yes, The Call was getting stronger. Stronger that it had been in days. But still he knew he was not in the right place. Close, but not quiet yet.
He ran a calloused finger through his wet limp hair. He needed to get out of the rain. Warm his feet my a roasting fire and get some food. He had been walking for two days and two nights across that accursed forest road.

He stopped in front of a small building that appeared to be some sort of trading post. He walked in and dropped his saddle on the counter. The man behind it appeared uncertain on how to greet the massive stranger and his expression wavered between a forced smile and dread.
Shadow did not argue when offered a price for the leather saddle nor did the man in the trading post tried to swindle him. It was a fair exchange.

"I need a place to stay. And a warm meal." he told the man in his gruff deep voice expecting the message was clear. The man hesitated.
"The'er is naaa such a place in the town itself, Ser. The'er is only Belurian Manor." His voice seem to trail off as if in a whisper and he quickly made a sign to ward of evil.
Shadow felt the Urge wash over him in a heartbeat. Yes, his path lay towards the Manor.
"Show me." he ordered the man asking for directions.

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