I don’t recall asking

Margot was baffled when the resident caught the vegetable so by carelessly. She’d never caught it so quickly herself. There was something odd about the man and she didn’t feel good about it.

"You might also want to ask me nicely if you want something done, next time I won't be of assistance."

Her large eyed stare turned into an annoyed frown when he turned away from her again. She hoped this was the last time she’d have to converse with him. His manner was starting to get dreary.

She was cursing at the carrot, planting it back in the ground, when she was suddenly startled by Ben’s presence. She had completely forgotten about leaving him behind and when he flooded her so abruptly with information that she hadn’t asked for, she found herself feeling rather dizzy.

"Does anything I'm saying sound right to you?" Ben asked. "Because if so, I'm your grandfather...” he said to her making her stomach twist.

The look Ben had at time didn’t make him look like anyone’s grandfather. But, judging by the story he had told her, he could be a grand and great-grandfather to many. Margot didn’t know what to think. She only knew that she couldn’t support his realisation for she remembered close to nothing about her heritage.

“I— I suppose it is a possibility,” she said finally, a lot less worked up than Ben was. Then her tone shifted. “Why do you tell me this now? I don’t recall asking you about my past.” She felt herself growing more and more irritated by the minute. It wasn’t clear to her exactly why, but perhaps being so close to that pond... perhaps it had something to do with it.

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