"Be it my last, doing this just this once would be worth the price of death..." And he continued to kiss her neck waiting to see her reaction.

After getting past her initial shock, Lady Grace pushed the man off of her. It had been a while since she was last kissed like that, but she barely knew this man...

“Why, sir....” she said as she started stepping towards the door. “Do they welcome everyone here like this?” She chuckled but felt her face flush.

She looked back at him when she finally made it to the door. “I should be off then. Lots of unpacking to be done. You understand.”

Before she took her leave she turned around one last time. “How delightful for our rooms to be so close together. It will be good to have someone to rely on during my stay.”

Only the gods knew that her stay would likely be a lot longer than she initially anticipated.

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