A Demonic Vegetable

Margot was in the middle of stuffing the resisting plant back into the ground.

"You filthy little thing," she cursed, holding it down with all her strength. "... stay-- no, no, no..." It was strong, but she couldn't let it escape again. The last time it had jumped out of the ground, Phillip had received over ten complaints about the demonic vegetable running through the halls at night. It wasn't good for business at all. If this carrot plant wasn't so damn delicious, she would have burnt it months ago.

Finally, it stopped pushing against her and settled with what almost sounded like a defeated sigh, back into it's place. Margot pressed down the earth around it, securing it in place. "It will bring me the greatest pleasure watching you boil in next weeks vegetable stew."

She didn't notice the other presence in the garden with her until his aged voice echoed in her ears. Truly, the last thing she needed was that old-- but impressively strong-- man stick his nose all up in her business again.

"Still not sleeping well?" He asked her as though he was more familiar with her sleeping patterns than the creature in the closet. He was nice enough for a man who had seemingly spent his best years working as a coachman. Nonetheless, he was a nuisance and frankly, smelled like horse shit.

"Oh, hello there," she said trying not to let her annoyance be seen through her false smile. "Me? Not sleeping well? That's silly, of course I am."

Avoiding eye contact at all costs, Margot's gaze found the pond a few feet away to her right. She couldn't remember ever having moved so close to it. The darkness coming from that pile of stones in it's center sent a shiver down her spine. All day she'd thought of nothing else. She stared at it for a good minute, maybe two. Time seemed so unreal when confronted with this ugly thing.

Ben. That's right he was still there-- all up in her business. She broke her stare with that hideous stone building and forced a smile back onto her face. "Oh my, is that the time already? Supper must be ready soon, we better hurry on off."

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