Cursed ground

Shadow stood in the shadow of the Belurian Manor exactly one hour after leaving the town's trading post, exactly as the nervous man had told him he would.
The skies were still full of dark foreboding clouds although night was approaching. He looked over the massive building, more reminiscent of a palace than a manor. He usually avoided places like these. Although he had the coin to enjoy the type of luxury afforded in similar settings. he tended to find those that lived and spent time within such walls, weak willed and turned soft by the lazy comforts of civilization.

A murder of crows in a nearby tree cawed loudly in the setting sun, almost as if in warning. The Call was strong now. Stronger than he had ever felt in his entire life. The giant hunter grunted as he opened and closed his massive fists. Although raised in the tundra climate of the Fang mountain range in the Isle of Exile, and being able to withstand most frigid temperatures, he was getting cold. Two days of walking in the rain saw to that. Or maybe the forsaken feeling that had started to creep over him that he had walked into some sort of purgatory. His senses could not really make headway of what he had seen and felt since he started his travelling to Belurian.

The flutter of heavy wings brought him back from his musings. A large stork flew over head. He frowned. Storks carried omens. The bird flew languidly above the rooftop and settled in one of the spires.
When he looked back at the Manor his vision blurred for a heartbeat and he saw the building ablaze with flames and the screams of burning people. He blinked and the vision was gone. Shadow rolled his shoulders and walked towards the entrance.
The Call burning his soul.

Shadow pushed the heavy doors open with ease and felt the warmth of the manor wash over his face. He shook his heavy frame and water cascaded from his furs. Pulling the hood from his head he walked into a large room, with what appeared a reception of sort. Behind it a man with brown hair and dull green eyes stood looking bored. Dressed in an ironed black suit with a white undershirt and a red bowtie.

"I need a room. One with a fireplace. And a hot bath." he growled at the keeper hoping to get some rest before finding out why is gift had brought him to Belurian Manor...

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