Little time

Ben had to face the truth now. "I'm sorry Miss Margot. I only bring it up because... you see... I'm dying. At first, when my youth began to return, I felt a pull toward you. It was something I'd never felt about you before and I assumed it was a bit of my youthly vigor returning to me in seeing a beautiful woman. But the more I looked into your eyes, the more I saw a woman I once loved. The only woman I ever loved. And despite my age and tenure on this earth, she was the only... well, its embarrassing to share... but you'd be the only piece of me that remains once I'm gone."

"I know I look hale and hearty, but it's death of a different way. Instead of aging up, I'm aging down. And I don't know how long I have and if we are kin, I want to do anything I can to keep you safe from that thing."

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