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Summary: Sing for your life

Boyce Blackwolf

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Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Players

Level, Race, Class

Variant Human
11th level Rouge /Scout
3rd level Cleric / Knowledge
3rd level Worlock / Hex blade


STR 10 +0
DEX 20 +5
CON 13 +2
INT 11 +0
WIS 15 +2
CHR 13 +1


Boyce has beautiful brown eyes. His shiny brown hair is at shoulder length. His tan skin is in lovely condition. At 5" 11" and 190lbs and a medium build makes him an attractive man he dresses in fine adventuring clothing a cloak that seems to blend into any area he is. normally carrying an assortment of swords daggers and other stuff he may need.


Born at Candle Keep Boyce grew up in a large house with his parents Tanthor and Melyana Blackwolf and his younger sister Gayla Blackwolf. His family work as Avoweds of knowledge and scholars they had a comfortable life at the Grate Library. It did not take long to see Boyce was a Prodigy early on. He was above average in most things that he studied and did. He like his parents had a hunger for knowledge. As a child, others saw him as being different, and so he had few companions growing up. He started working as a spy dealing in information (rogue) and retriever of knowledge after his grandfather Fallith Blackwolf saw so much potential in him. He was trained to go out and find books and scrolls and bring them back if necessary. Boyce joined the society of scholars and orators at Candle Keep learning new techniques of knowledge and magic even attending a Bard College of Lore. Sometime after the college, He was examining a strange tome he found in an old part of the library when the entity that would become his patron suddenly appeared before him in a dream. Briathos a being from Shadowfell now Boyce encountered a magical being and made a pact with it for more knowledge. Which lead him to a spell scroll of Green-Flame Blade and succeeded in casting the spell it contained. And started down the road of learning the ways of a hex blade. Sometime later he realizes that His god Oghma worked through him through his travels, and He did as his god ask, even though He doesn’t know why he was chosen to serve. Oghma showed him knowledge was power. Boyce has always been nimble and quick of wit, so he decided to use those talents to help make his way in the world.

He spent years traveling picking up on different skills and occupations even got involved in adventuring for a time. No matter what it was he was good at it. Now he just wants to study and to learn more about the world. He lives for a challenge. But if you lost or need to find Knowledge, books, scrolls, runes any text. He is the man to go to for that. Recently he has been working for the Candle Keep in The Great Library for some time now. the missions themselves have not been spoken about and have been secret.

Reputation names: Book Master of Candle Keep, Dark wolf of Candle. Book Wolf of Candle


see sheet

Items Equipped

Studded Leather, +3, Defender and Weapon of Warning Rapier*, Frost brand Half Basket-Hilted Short Sword*, *Dagger of Venom*, *Heward's Handy Haversack*, Short bow +2, Arrows, +1, Throwing Knifes (10)*Bag of Holding*, *Cloak of Elvenkind*, Dagger, +1,*Efficient Quiver*, *Immovable Rod*

Items Carried

Studded Leather, +3, Defender and Weapon of Warning Rapier*, Frost brand Half Basket-Hilted Short Sword*, *Dagger of Venom*, *Heward's Handy Haversack*, Short bow +2, Arrows, +1, Throwing Knifes (10), *Bag of Holding*, *Cloak of Elvenkind*, Dagger, +1,*Efficient Quiver*, *Immovable Rod*, Alms Box, Arrows 40Backpack, Ball Bearings (bag of 1,000), Bedroll, Small Bell, Blanket, Block of Incense, Candles (5), Case, Map or Scroll x3 , Censer, Small Chest, Climber's Kit, Clothes, Common, Clothes, Fine, Clothes Traveler's, Component Pouch, Crowbar, Hammer, Healer's Kit, Holy Symbol sliver, Ink (1 ounce bottle 2) Ink Pen, Lantern, Hooded, Lute, Mess Kit, Oil (flask), Paper (10 sheet), Perfume (vial), Piton, Rations (10 days) Rope, Hempen (50 feet), Sealing Wax, Signet Ring, Smith's Tools, Soap, String, Tinderbox, Tinker's Tools, Torch, Waterskin, Dog Pepper, Candle Hand Lamp, Blinding Powder bomb (5), Flash powder bomb (5), Smoke bomb (5).

Warhorse Bit and Bridle leather boarding, Saddle, Military, Saddlebags, Saddle Pack Horseshoes of a Zephyr.
Wyvern Poison (Injury)
Serpent Venom (Injury)
Purple Worm Poison (Injury)
* Means Magic item

Holdings, Money, Other Valuables

has a large room in Candle Keep and a small house in Silvermoon
A Runestone said to be blessed by your god
Bag of Gem's worth 2000 GP
30, 000 in bank
A brass ring that never tarnishes

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Image of Boyce Blackwolf
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