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Summary: A stout Halfling who is crazy with a crossbow and rides a boar.

Bead Boarmount

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Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Players

Level, Race, Class

Stout Halfling
Level 11 Hunter Ranger
Level 6 Arcane Trickster Rogue


STR (12) +1
DEX (18) +4
CON (12) +1
INT (10) +0
WIS (14) +2
CHA (12) +1


Middle aged Halfling with Mutton chops and a chin beard.


Bead ”Boarmount” of Boarmount Hall

Once part of a trio of Boar-Mounted Halfling guardians of the Triboar Trail, Neverwinter Wood and Phandalin areas. Now a retired adventurer, alchemist and animal trainer in Boarmount Hall.

Bead and his siblings, Gimble and Nimhe, were raised by their Mum and Dad in a small comfortable home in a shire called Greendell, tucked into the hills just inside the south tree line of Neverwinter Woods along the middle of the Triboar.

Every year the family would take a trip to the beach on the Sword Coast to visit Bead’s aunt and uncle (hopefully a nice sandy beach and not a cliff). They were always surrounded by family.

His grandmother, on his mother's side, Gilda Goldberry, was the daughter of a merchant from Triboar, she later became mayor of the shire.

His grandfather, Moss Wildcloak, was a local huntsman (later a guard and sheriff).

So Bead’s mother, Lily, had a decent lifestyle and dabbled in alchemy. She opened her own local shop selling soaps, perfumes, incense, dyes, paints and oils, (later she made alchemist’s fire, acid, and anti-toxin as there was a local war on).

His grandmother, on his father’s side, Eva Greenleaf, was the daughter of a butcher.

His grandfather, Basil Boarman was a Swineherd.

There was even a famous song written about their fast love affair, The Swineherd and the Butcher’s Daughter. The butcher couldn’t complain, his new son in law brought him good business.

So naturally, Bead’s father, Bernard, tended animals and went off hunting, fishing and trapping, for the butchery.

Bead was a plucky and adventurous sort who had several friends, and his childhood was generally a happy one.

He was always enamored by tales of the heroes of old like his own great grandmother, Lotte Greenbottle, who was a Ranger. This only inspired and fueled Bead’s adventurous spirit and he knew he wanted to be something extraordinary.

He decided to turn his skills and natural lucky streak into the basis of a career. Always nimble and quick of wit, he decided to use those talents to help make his way in the world.

Bead found purpose while honing his hunting skills by bringing down dangerous creatures at the edge of civilization. He witnessed first hand, what happens when the monsters come out from the dark.

One day, duty called to protect their homeland. There was no help from nobility or any such thing so he and his siblings took up the call to become the first line of defense against the evils that lie beyond the shire’s borders. His grandfather balked at the thought of the young adventurers. He knew their mischievous nature and in jest he said, “What, you three country haflings? Going to save the day? I can see it now, you’ll come riding in on the back of a boar and cut down your enemies! Haha!”

Bead turned the joke into a reality and after the local lands were safe, the trio then decided to venture forth to protect more of the realm.

As young adventurers, Bead, his brother Gimble and his sister Nimhe, took up the charge to defend the Triboar Trail, honoring Arvoreen, and devoting themselves to the protection of settlements and travelers.

Together they fought goblinoids and orcs, they defeated infamous evils such as the Fiend of Phandalin, a Tiefling Warlock who terrorized and set the small town aflame.

They destroyed the Beasts of Jevudon, a pack of werewolves.

Later in their career, the troupe vanquished the necromancer Gygavek and his horde of undead, sadly Bead was the only survivor of their troupe.

He recently caught the ire of the Waterdeep nobility after witnessing an act of bullying and injustice, he kicked a lordling in the pants, which, of course, later resulted in backlash by the young man and his father.

Not long after this incident, there was another altercation wherein Bead fought for his life and ended up killing the lordling. He was jailed, put on trial, and acquitted, as the evidence and witnesses proved his innocence, not to mention the reputations of both parties involved.


Acid Splash
Mage Hand
Poison Spray

1st Level:
*Chromatic Orb
*Cure Wounds
*Fog Cloud (c)
*Hunter’s Mark (c)
Zephyr Strike (c)

2nd Level:
*Summon Bestial Spirit (c)

3rd Level:
Conjure Barrage
Plant Growth

4th Level:

Items Equipped

*Ring of Spell Storing
*Studded Leather +3
*Light Crossbow of Certain Death
*Efficient Quiver
- Small Compartment
- Crossbow bolts (60)
- Medium Compartment
- Javelins (18)
- Large Compartment
- Spear
- Quarterstaff
- Longbow (2)
- Arrow (20)
Hand Crossbow
Leather Bandoliers with Belts and Pockets
- Book of Sketches and Poems
- charcoal pencil
- Daggers (2)
- Crossbow Bolts (20)
- *Gem of Seeing
- *Gem of Brightness
- *Rod of Security
- spell components
- Thieves Tools
*Rust Bag of Tricks

Items Carried

Chops the Giant Boar:
Bit and Bridle
Saddle of the Cavalier
- common clothes
- fine clothes
- travelers clothes
- rations (10 days)
- feed (10 days)
Alchemist Supplies Chest
(lined with straw containing the following contents)
Upper Compartment
- Acid Vial (2)
- Alchemist’s Fire (2)
- Black Powder Bomb (2)
- Holy Water (2)
- Oil (2)
- Smoke Bomb (2)
- Potion of Healing
Lower Compartment
-candles (5)
- Tinderbox
- two glass beakers
- metal frame to hold a beaker in place over an open flame
- glass stirring rod
- small mortar and pestle
pouch of common alchemical ingredients, including salt, powdered iron, and purified water

Burglars Pack
- Silk Rope (50ft)
- Ball Bearings (1000)
- hammer
- crowbar
- Pitons (10)
- Net
- Whip

Holdings, Money, Other Valuables

Boarmount Hall
Stables with boars and giant boars
39,000 gp in the bank (need to deduct some supplies)
127gp on person

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