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Summary: A dwarf loves good food, good drink and good people.

Tarkus Forgedsoul

Gender: Male

Age: 200

Group: Players

Level, Race, Class

Level 17th
Hill Dwarf
14th Cleric of Life Domain.
3rd Paladin Oath of Devotion.


STR 14 +2
DEX 8 -1
CON16 +3
INT 8 -1
WIS 19 +4
CHR 13 +1


5 feet height
180 pounds weight
Taller and heavier than average stout folks.
Tarkus is a dwarf with gray hair and brown eyes.
He is a cheerful plumb fellow who always keep smiling.


Tarkus is an eldest son of an artistic family. His birth was greeted with joy and blessing. But the excitement didn't last long as his family found that Tarkus has severe learning disability.

Tarkus cannot read or write. His hands are so clumsy that they cannot carve a small stone statues without breaking it. Surrounded by many masons, painters, musicians, Tarkus was the only family members who cannot make any beauty.

At the age of 150, Markus departed from his home land to find what dwarven artists calls The Soul Spark. He never return to his family since then.

Ironically through the journey, Tarkus found that he can get along with humans better than his own people. The young dwarf finally found his own place among these tall creatures.

In a small village called East Pine, Tarkus saved young artist couple from a wicked viscount. In return for his good deed, Tarkus was captured, beaten and thrown into cold winter river.
But just when he about to cross the threshold of death, the power of Moradin, the god of creation struck Tarkus like a divine hammer. At that night, Tarkus understood that beauty isn't just a word or concept, it's a fire burning deep down in one's soul. Even born without Sparks, you can light up it by helping others. At that night covering with mud and blood, Tarkus was awaken as a cleric of life domain.

After his awakening, the dwarf cleric started traveling around the Sword Coast as an adventurer. He guided lost souls, healed injuries, fought the evil and protected innocents. Through his journey, Tarkus earned many titles, The Rock Smasher, Troll Slayer and The Hammer of Moradin.

On DR1482, after witnessing the death of Grand Duke Abdel Adrian at Baldur's Gate, Tarkus decided to retire from his adventuring days. Ever since he settled down on Candlekeep, serving people with his wisdom and spells.

When the agents like Boyce Blackwolf are sent to retrive dangerous books and scrolls, Tarkus follows them and ensures their safe return.


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Items Equipped

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Items Carried

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Holdings, Money, Other Valuables

Tarkus has a small temple in Candlekeep.
He has 2,500GP in his wallet.
And 37,500GP in the bank.

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Image of Tarkus Forgedsoul
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