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Summary: Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.

Dawyn Carvyre Zinrora

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: Players

Level, Race, Class

13th Level Cleric of Twighlight (War caster)
4th Level Paladin


Strength 19 (+5) Heavily muscular. Able to out-wrestle a work animal or catch a falling person. Performs the work of multiple people in physical labor
Dexterity 11 ( 0 ) Capable of usually catching a small tossed object
Constitution 12 (+1) Can take a few hits before being knocked unconscious
Intelligence 10 (0) Knows what they need to know to get by
Wisdom 20 (+5) Nearly prescient, able to reason far beyond logic
Charisma 12 (+1) Mildly interesting, knows what to say to the right people


Dawyn has long red hair and blue green eyes. Her skin is fair. She tends to dress to the event.

In most social situations, she will wear a dress.

In normal daily life, she likes to wear her cleric robes and garb of her station in the church when she is not needing to fight.

If she needs to show force, she wears full armor.

She almost always has her war hammer with her.


Dawyn is at the age that most of her peers had settled down and had families. Some ran exotic import and export business selling items of beauty. Others had settled down in cities and a few in towns and setup shrines. Dawyn had inherited a small manor on the hills of Waterdeep with a garden and a beautiful view of the port. It was a gift from some patron who had willed it to her when he died. Dawyn rarely stayed at the place, most of the time Dawyn was out traveling enjoying the beauty of the world or going on missions for Sune.

Dawyn was born and raised in Waterdeep. Her mother was young human maid at one of the sea port taverns and her father was an elven bard that was passing through the port. Dawyn was the product of their meeting. At a young age she was brought to the Temple of Beauty where she was told to stand there and meditate about the beautiful woman that was adorned in stories and the images of the temple. Before Sunrise Dawyn had a vision of a beautiful woman with long read hair and emerald eyes that came and visited with her. The woman touched Dawyn's brown hair turning it red like her own and gave her strength. Even with these changes, Dawyn sees herself differently than the rest of the world, she sees herself as a beautiful “petite” young woman.

That was many years ago now. Dawyn grew up in Sune's Church being trained as a cleric. Over the years she rose in rank and moved between some of the temples. An event where Dawyn defended two star crossed lovers was one of the keys for her becoming a paladin. Another was she was not quite beautiful enough to rise further in the church. External beauty is a requirement of advancing in the church past a specific point.

Dawyn was sent to Candlekeep with a couple young apprentices to study at the library, to bring a beautiful manuscript of the Sacred Writings and stories of Sune, and to help establish a shrine there. This made Dawyn happy as she loved to read – Celestrial and Elvish Poetry, old love stories, and Dwarven History where they created things of beauty.

Dawyn was also exited to see what the traders and merchants would have to offer. Satin and silks, fine linens, jewelry with exotic stones.
Over the years Dawyn has visited the Blackwolf Estate and has found the family to be very kind and hospitable to her.

She has also met the Cleric Tarkus who has been of great service to her as well helping her navigate the church politics of Candlekeep and helping her find a nice location for the new shrine and a home for herself.

Things that Dawyn likes: Children, good stories and books, love songs, fine fashion and jewelry, blacksmiths, items of art and fine crafted items, arm wrestling, and lifting stones with the Dwarves.

Things she does not like: destruction of things for no reasons, men hitting women or children, vulgarity, and rudeness.


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Still working out things.

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Image of Dawyn Carvyre Zinrora
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