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Summary: A fun bard you wouldn't expect to be a powerful mage.

Ari Faerona

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Gender: female

Age: 25

Group: Players

Level, Race, Class
level 6 bard/14 wizard high half-elf




Tall and slender with a slight curve to her hips, short curly white hair. Dark brown skin and bright silver freckles. Small straight nose and big forest green eyes. likes to were pants a lot more than skirts and when she wears her mage robes, she does so sloppily, untied, off one shoulder and worn over her peasant clothes.(brown pants, off white peasant blouse and work boots.)


Ari was born in a brothel to a human barmaid who died giving birth. She lived there until she was five when it went under and the women raising her scattered, every one of them hoping another would take her. But none did. On her own, she scrounged for food and hid in dumpsters for shelter. eventually, she got good at surviving, though, not the most honest means. when she was ten, was her darkest times, it was winter, but a rainy winter, she had thin, wet clothes, she hadn't eaten in two weeks. sat in an ally, shivering, a man in strange bright clothes came across her, and took pity. That bright man turned out to be the ringmaster of a traveling circus. Ari joined his little circus and learned how to play the flute, then pan flute and later the lyre. When she met the circuses sponsor, and learned her was a wizard, she had to find out more. Her thirst for knowledge outweighed her wryness of strangers, and she pestered him with questions the whole time he was there. knowing better next time, he brought with him a book with base level information on wizards. When he came back to discover she had read the whole thing, and wanted more, he decided to challenge her. Every visit, he brought more, and more complicated volumes, even moving on to spell books within a few years. and she read them all, hiding away between practice and performing. When Ari was 17, she decided it was time to strike out on her own and pursue a higher education, At master Oakleaf's school, where she learned more about executing her knowledge of magic. she graduated ten years later.


a lot.

Items Equipped

Robe of the Archmagi
Clothes, Traveler's
Staff of the Magi*
Rapier, +3
Dagger, +3
Bracers of Defense
Enduring Spellbook
Instrument of Illusions (Lute)*
Portable Hole
Throwing knife
Bag of Holding
Gloves of Thievery

Items Carried

Backpack, Bedroll, Bell, Book, Caltrops (bag of 20), Candle
Clothes, Fine
Clothes, Traveler's
Eberron Dragonshard
Enduring Spellbook
Hammer, Ink (1 ounce bottle), Ink Pen
Instrument of Illusions (Lute)*
Lantern, Hooded. Little Bag of Sand, Mess Kit
Oil (flask), Parchment (one sheet)
Piton, Rations (1 day)
Rod, Rope, Hempen (50 feet)
Sealing Wax, Signet Ring, Small Knife, Smith's Tools
-String, Tinderbox
Torch, Waterskin, throwing knife*

Holdings, Money, Other Valuables

a gem worth 10 gp 30,000 gp in bank
large house in Sivermoon

DM Notes

well, i'm not the DM.

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Image of Ari Faerona
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