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Posted by : on Oct 17, 2020, 4:04am

this campaign will take place in the realm of sword coast. It will be high level campaign 15-17th level most people don’t play this level so that’s why I decided to do it. I will try to run it off the D&D and beyond site and OW. I will start next month which give us a month to get the characters done and work out kinks. Next for magic items you get of your choosing Common 3, Uncommon 3, Rare 2, Very rare 2, Legendary 1. Items. Magic Items is a rare in the world and 40,000 GP. In my old campaign there was only one of each item except for scroll, potions stuff like that. if you are interested let me know. there will be more information to fallow or if you have questions let me know

Books I allow Players handbook, Sword Coast, Xanathar's Guide to Everything, if you want something different just e mail me or use discord.

Another Note about the world it is a low magic world. For legendary item there is only one per say. There could be more like there is one +3 long sword, short sword, dagger, katana, Ninja-to ECT. You don’t run in to spell casters much as a commoner you could go your hole life and never see one. People look at them with wonder and fear and Governments as well. Not that it is outlawed but they would trust a cleric more than a Spell caster. If there was a Paladin and a wizard in a city making trouble, we will say they would send the most guards at the wizard.

By 1489, many of the wars that began during the Sundering had ground to a close. Other conflicts arose, and mighty threats still imperiled the world, but the deities ceased interfering with the world through their Chosen. The gods were no longer silent but quiet, and in many places new priesthoods arose to interpret the gods’ now subtle signs.

The world today seems a place filled with new lands and opportunities, where those who dare can leave their mark. Students of history and those elves and dwarves who recall the past that short-lived humans see as distant perceive a world much like it was over a century ago. For most folk, wild tales of people empowered by the gods, and of far-off lands returned to the world, are the subjects of fireside chatter. Daily concerns and the dangers and opportunities just beyond their doors take precedence, and plenty of both remain on the Sword Coast and in the North.

Question you should answer in your background.
Are you a native, born and raised in the area? If so, who’s your family? What’s your current occupation? What town are you apart of?

Are you a recent arrival? Where did you come from? Why did you come to this area? What town are you part of?

Are you tied to any of the organizations or people involved in the events that kick off the campaign? Are they friends or enemies?

Do you know other players? You can add them in to your history. And know that you know one other from the past were you in a party together ect.