Racheln Glynmenor the Arch Mage

“A beautiful place indeed Tarkus, and wonderful people, some a bit stiff, but interesting nonetheless. I may not regret this venture, after all. All this fuss over one… just ONE… missing Lord. War they say. Unbelievable. But I suppose there’s nothing for it. I have been called upon and so I will do everything within my power to extract the poor fellow.”

It looked as they were going to and answer when the first party is called foreword. talking to the head table the different party’s go forward to interview with the men at the head table. The characters realize quickly some magic is being used you can’t hear what they are saying and at times look blurred. As the first party finishes and they start to leave. As they walk out the door they look at the other parties “don’t expect much” one of them says walking out. By his reply you get the feeling they turned it down. The door opens and a beautiful woman walks gracefully in dressed in fine clothing and jewelry she looks to be a noble and a wizard by the staff she walks with and the fine clothing she wears. The head tables see her She gives a nod and slight bow to the head table the old Elf returns her nod. The party can tell she is looking over the different groups and is not hiding it. she looks at Dawyn her eyebrow rases. She stands and walks over and says to Dawny. “You are Dawyn Zinrora I have heard so much about you I am honored to meet you” she says with a small curtsy. I am Racheln Glynmenor, Arch Mage, Instructor at the magic school here in Silvermoon. There are few women that have accomplished as much as we have in a man’s world” She said smiling.

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