The Dwarf and his friend

Blackwolf's musical performance is filling the room like autumn breeze. From the time they met, the boy's lute never let Tarkus down. If you close your eyelids, you can see the autumn leaves falling into the clear river, gently carrying away by the stream. The music even easyed the dwarf's aching body, but it can't calm the anxious swirling in his stomach.

Where is him?

A few month ago, one of Tarkus's friend was caught up in a trouble with Waterdeep nobility. The Halfling did nothing wrong, but the situation escalated real quick and resulted in a death of young lordling. The Halfling barely escaped the execution yet hesitated to answer the summoning made by most important people of the Sword Coast. It took Tarkus a lot of effort and drinks to finally convince the Handling to attend meeting with the lords. But now…there is no sign of the Halfling ranger in the room.

What is the fool doing!!

Just when Tarkus decided to use one of his god's miracle to see the Halfling's whereabouts, the door of the meeting room is opened. Appears is none other than Bead, the famous Boarmount himself. Tarkus gives out a sigh of relief and sinks into his chair.

Then Dawyn Carvyre Zinrora walks into the room like a queen. The Half Elf lady is beautiful and bright as ever. Dressing in a marvelous white dress, Dawyn is drawing attentions like a burning shooting star, stirrng admiration and envy everywhere. Tarkus gives Dawyn a approving nod then starts to stuff foods into his empty stomach.

When Tarkus finished second roast chicken, Master Oakleaf starts to explain their mission. The grim tide surging from The North darkens the dwarf's cheerful mood. The orcs army trying to invade his brother's home fills Tarkus's veins with red hot rage. But when he heard about missing ambassador, pure sence of mission washes over all other negative emotions.

Now he can see the divine purpose going through his life events. He is feeling the unseen hand of his god guiding him. With full of motivation and stomach, Tarkus turns to his friends gathering around him.

“Master Forgedsoul, have not seen you in a month they dragged you here by your beard to I see.”

Tarkus waves to young Blackwolf. " It seems my beard is still tough enough to carry me all the way here. But I need to lose my weight a bit or I'll lose beard next time. By the way your playing is absolutely divine! I'm proud of you son. Your perants would be proud if they are here"

He smiles to Dawyn and squints his eyes as if looking up to the sun. " Ah such a gorgeous dress, young lady. Looks like the only thing matches it's beauty is your brightness"

“A beautiful place indeed Tarkus, and wonderful people, some a bit stiff, but interesting nonetheless. I may not regret this venture, after all. All this fuss over one… just ONE… missing Lord. War they say. Unbelievable. But I suppose there’s nothing for it. I have been called upon and so I will do everything within my power to extract the poor fellow.”

Tarkus faces Bead with with wary look.“ Says someone who almost being late before our mission starts! I nearly waste my spell for just finding where you are!” Then he is all smile and pats Bead's shoulder. “ I'm glad you come, my friend. It's reassuring knowing you are here! ”

Seeing Bead tried to use his mage hand and failed, Tarkus can't help but holds his sides with laughter.
“ Looks like I couldn't waste my spells even if I want. Use your lazy hands, Boarboy! Or you will end up giant meat ball like me! ”

Then Tarkus notices another beautiful woman with dazzling fine dress approaching them. The dwarf bows as much as his pot belly allows.
“ Please to meet you, lady Glynmenor. I am Tarkus, the son of Markus, clan Forgedsoul, a humble cleric of Moradin Allfather”

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