“You are Dawyn Zinrora I have heard so much about you I am honored to meet you” she says with a small curtsy. I am Racheln Glynmenor, Arch Mage, Instructor at the magic school here in Silvermoon. There are few women that have accomplished as much as we have in a man’s world” The mage said smiling.

Dawyn smiled warmly and rose to say, "It is quite a pleasure to meet you. You have set the world on fire with some of your work, I must say." She was going to make a comment but let it go. Racheln was good company, not crude company and comments about peeing standing up still differentiated the world. In Dawyn's mind many men were toys to be played with.

When introductions were made she said, "I believe it is our turn to negotiate." She took walked towards those that really had the power and could negotiate the real deal.

Dawyn smiled as she placed two hands on a knight in chain mail waiting in line. She picked him up in the air and turned said to Boyce, Bead, and Tarkus, "My mistress got me one of these when I was little. I loved it so much that the arms fell off." She set the knight down, turned him and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. She winked at Racheln.

Moving forward in line moved a little easier and Dawyn had made a bit of a scene and most people don't like being physically "man" handled. So they tended to move out of the way. Anyone of the people in the group could have handled half the room before breakfast.

When they arrived at the old elf, Daywn knelt and took the Elf's hand and bowed to him, so that most of her cleavage showed. She also made sure she had a damn good grasp on the old elf's hand. She kissed it, showing that she did respect the power he could wield. She found it made the negotiation go much quicker. There was only one other place you could grab a man to get what you wanted. It was the one thing at would stop wars but, that would not be polite here. She had learned that Wizards kind of like having their hands in tacks. It was a great motivation technique for thieves and well, anyone really...

She looked up smiling at him, as he realized she wasn't going to let go of his hand till the deal was struck. She was breaching courtly etiquette. Experience had taught her that casting a spell that requires hand movements when you can't move your hand makes it more complicated.

She was gentle enough to let him know it wasn't an overt threat, but firm enough to keep his attention. She knew a 600 year old elf was not going to be swayed by the tough of her breast. He had probably seen more breasts than she had and she lived near prostitutes most of her life.

Dawyn was not the smartest woman in the realms, but it did not make her dumb. There was more details that were not being given out to the general public and no one negotiated their best in the public space. She was trying to set them up for a private hearing in the back room, so the card under the table could be shown. She was putting a lot of trust that those behind her could help her negotiate a good solution.

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