backgrounds and Rumors:

Question you should answer in your background.

Are you a native, born and raised in the area? If so, who’s your family? What’s your current occupation? What town are you apart of?

Are you a recent arrival? Where did you come from? Why did you come to this area? What town are you part of?

Are you tied to any of the organizations or people involved in the events that kick off the campaign? Are they friends or enemies?

Do you know other players? You can add them in to your history. And know that you know one other from the past were you in a party together ect.

Rumors: there is trouble up north with the under dark and Orcs and goblins the Dwarven Lords have been struggling to keep them back. the pirate threat has grown two-fold. The normal bickering between Nobles and their factions. There could be 10 good reasons for this but no real lead you can think of. If you ask the courier, he dose not know why and he is telling the truth if you try to see if he is. he had no idea what was in the case other than a scroll.
There is word of a Nobel that had been traveling from a foreign land an ambassador of sorts. the ambassadors party have not been seen in several days.

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