The Start

A very well-dressed courier dressed in fine clothing and two guards in shiny half plate approach you and he announce he is a representative of the Lords alliance and some Independent Realms. He has a summons for you from his Lords. The scroll is official and not forged. It asks you to travel to Silverymoon meet with the delegates and Lords. (the place I am still thinking on) but there. The messengers also says that to keep the summons and to use it for entrance to Slivermoon and to see the delegates.

The current summons is sign by Lord Methrammar Aerasumé, Grand Duke is Ulder Ravengard, who is joined by Dukes Thalamra Vanthampur, Belynne Stelmane, and Dillard Portyr, Duchess, Lady Morwen Daggerford, Waterdeep Lords, Since Dagult Neverember Just to start.

Form Silverymoon, Baldur’s Gate, Daggerford, Waterdeep, Candlekeep. And half of the Independent Realms. This is unrepresented never in your life’s have you seen this or even heard of this. Yes, you have been summon all the time for one reason or another for their individual gain. But seeing this many seals and signatures on one scroll, never in your life.

He awaits your replay.

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