Dawyn dismounted and stretched. She let her horse loose. She knew he would not travel far and needed to eat and have water. As she stretched she thought about the young dwarven's lad's admiration and this brought her almost as much as the enemy fleeing in terror.

She looked at the others and said, "I would be happy to take the first watch if someone would loosen the straps to my armor." She turned and lifted her hair so the clasps could be loosened a bit and her body could breath. Later she would let her body move and flow the way that the Goddess had intended. Though the cold on her armor made some of her favorite body parts ache and the ride had made her thighs and back felt the hoof pounding the ground still.

Dawyn drew upon the power of the twilight. She started to sing softly gathering the powers of lovers, poets, and dreamers, those wanting to belong. She drew upon the dreams of little girls who were in love with horses and reindeer as she got the horses and bores together to an area and touched their noses and their necks as they allowed. She fed her spirit on those dreams.

Then Dawyn started to look for food. She was famished.

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