Setting up Camp

After doing a bit of localized scouting for anything to forage, Bead returns to the party with a handful of berries in his hand.

He says through chews, “I assume someone brought a tent or two? I will be perfectly fine digging a hole or sleeping in a tree. Griffin, what about you? If memory serves, you know ways to make us secure and comfortable. I could whisk us away to a secure location, but I am saving that for an emergency, and unfortunately I can only do that once per tenday… how’s everyone doing on food and water? Should you need it, I am an expert at foraging in such places as these.”

Lady Dawyn speaks, "I would be happy to take the first watch if someone would loosen the straps to my armor."

She turns and lifts her hair so the clasps can be loosened a bit and her body can breathe. Bead doesn’t hesitate, he hops up onto Chops and stands on the boar’s back to reach for Lady Dawyn’s straps.

“Forgive me, dear Chops, won’t you?”

After finishing, “There you are, my Siren. Is there anything else I can do for you?”, he inquires hopefully.

After everyone agrees on how we are camping, Bead will cast Plant Growth and designate an area to protect the mounts and surround the encampment (including a spot for a possible fire) with a path for the party to get in and out. Any intruders will be slowed and most likely they will be easily detected before they get within reach of our camp. He will create this even if we stay in Griff’s Mansion.

OOC - Favored Enemy.
If Griffin doesn’t want to use his Magnificent Mansion, Bead will post up in a tree and take whatever watch he assumes that these types of creatures are most likely to attack. If he hears the sound of a group moving in on the camp, he will first use his Gem of Seeing. If it is an enemy, he will attempt to blind them with a cone of light. from the Gem of Brightness.

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