Tracks what tracks

“We should get to know each other’s strengths and preferences so as not to step on each other’s toes or bundle things up. For example, I myself am a crack shot with the crossbow but not as well versed with the kind of bombarding spellcraft that my Lady dropped on those unsuspecting troops.”

Still storming his lute Blackwolf answers "I am skilled in many things but master of nothing" He sings. "With my Rapier and my sword of ice I will defend thee one and all" he finished. He started to play a different tune.

Smiling Griffin answers next "Blackwoif you show off, A Gnome of magic that I am. I can sing, I can dance, I can infuse magic into things others can't, I am the support when no other can be found, I will always be there, for one and all" he says playing the Viol. "A rough plan I do have we all hold hands and with a word, we can go back to where it all began" he finishes.

Through out the night, the party members get to know one other. As the sun rises as well as the hangovers. the servants awake everyone to get them on the road with hardy breakfast.

The ride lasted for several hours. Tracks and signs of Orc and Goblins are evident there was no need for a skill to see the marking of passage. Arriving at the spot on the map that now disappears. where the camp was can still be seen. tattered tents old fire ring. A few dead knights lay here and there now stripped of everything. Their rotting corpse all that remain. The party starts to look around. griffin stops and looks at a rock that has a symbol on it. he closes his eyes and speaks some words the rock glows. A voice could be heard. "I am the Duke, we could hold out no longer we were cut off from the west so we ran west". the rock crumbles in Griffin's hand. "He knows some of the same magic as I." says Griffin.

[natral 1]
Looking at the ground Blackwolf "I can't you see their tracks. I am good not that good. can you Find any master Boarmount" asks Blackwolf.

Boarmount took some time but found the tracks they were covered up not so well. they head East along the mountains.

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