A deal.

Dawyn puts a hand on the Larger Orc’s shoulder. “I have a proposition you might be interested in. I am in need of someone with your skills...” she said as she walked him away from the group for a little privacy but not too far.
The Orc looks at her "What's in it for me. If I follow you it's a death sentence for me and for my tribe member" says the Orc.

The cleric smiled at him. “What is the penalty for surrendering to a woman?” She asked figuring that is was like most, Death. “Three things I offer you. The first is your life, you are my prisoners I promise to treat you better than your people would treat you. This will allow you to return home and say you escaped with skills and knowledge to make you a better leader. The second, knowledge. I can have you trained as a blacksmith to make better weapons or as an armorer. The third is time, your kind do not have long lives. I can help with that. We also have fighting pits where you could hone some skills. It is not like we could just leave you here alive when we go,” said Dawyn.

The Orc smiled showing his sharp teeth. "I and my worrier will go for now. You will have no trouble from us" he said.

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