Oh my god!

Tarkus nudges Bead's foot with his armored elbow and shoots a gaze that can probably kills a civilization of bacteria. Then he turns to the Duke, smilling.

"Oh please allow the rudeness of my companion your excellency. He had a hard time with corrupted nobles and being nearly assassinated. But Bead Boarmount is a good man. Without his help, we could not track your party this fast"

The Dwarf whispers to his friend with angry voice.

"Just hand the scrolls already!"
“Relax you old Goat, I have it right here.”

Bead drew out the scroll from the pack on Chops’ saddle bags and let it unfurl itself.

“Have a look won’t you, Duke? The hour grows late.”

Tarkus facepalms and sighs.

"Oh Morain! Save this reckless hog from his own act!"

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