The Horn

Joint Post between Redsword and Omni

A horn sounds out, its unearthly call echoes across the Sword Coast. Dragons hear it plainly, even as others hear it only as an indistinct moaning when their surroundings are quiet and the wind blows just right. Creatures that cannot hear the Horn can still sense it. Like a faint vibration felt subconsciously and interpreted as a sense of dread.

The tavern vibrates just slightly even the wine in your glass ripples. A cold chill seems to pass right through you. The tavern gets quiet for a few seconds, then turns to normal. The party is left staring at either wondering what just happened. The party knows from experience this is the start of something. Something cold... evil... world changing.

Unsettled, Bead takes the wine away from his lips and sets it on the bartop, eyes wide. He looked from Blackwood to Ari and back.

“Now what the deuce do you think that was? I couldn’t say... and I’d rather not guess, but I’m quite sure I don’t want to hear it again. It was as if there were words of evil in that bellow though I could not make them out.”

He gulps and hops down from the bar stool and slowly and warily walks over to a window to see... well, he didn’t know what he expected to see but he felt compelled to look. To his pleasant surprise, everything was still normal, but that didn't settle his unease.

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