Ari and people admire her

"Bead, do you see anything?" asked Blackwolf walking up behind him looking out the window too. His voice was unemotional almost cold and serious. "I have the feeling we are going to hear about this in the morning I don't see any guards running around or hear any alarm bells." he commented.

“Nothing...”, was all Bead could reply.

"Really, well back to drinking then," suggest Blackwolf as he turns and heads back to the bar.

“...Aye... at least for now.”, Bead shook his head and followed Blackwolf.

The crowd watches bead and Blackwolf walk back to the bar wondering what was really going on.

The cold, heavy feeling of dread settled in Ari's stomach. She sighed as her worry free night was blown away with the feeling, and erie vibration she felt in her bones. she tried her best to push it to the back of her mind, though it lingered like a fog, surrounding her and her companions. But if there was one thing she came to know living with Aurora, the older bard in the circus who taught her to play, it was not to worry about what you have no power in. Ari was certain she would find out what was happening soon. Perhaps too soon for her liking. But, she would worry over that bridge when she came across it.

Getting back to the bar Blackwolf pours more wine in the glasses that need it. "On with drinking" he says eyeing the crowd. "Ari, tell me you felt that too?" asked Blackwolf.

Ari simply nodded at him. "Indeed. Though i haven't the slightest what it was." she said, sipping on her wine.

"I would think you would know being a well-known user of magic." he said drinking some more wine. "bead, what to make a bet on how long be for someone tries to pick up on Ari," he said half-jokingly.

Bead smiled, feeling the buzz of wine begin to wash over him. He would sleep well tonight and forget that awful bellowing horn.

The effects of the wine were getting to Blackwolf as well.
three guys walk up on Ari's side of the bar "you must be the best looking women in this city" the fine dress man commented. why don't you come with me? I can show you a good time. I can get you anything you want to drink and eat I can pay for it." he said smiling.

“Oh no. This might not go well.”, Bead chuckled quietly to Blackwolf.

With an evil grin "good luck your need it." says Blackwolf taking a sip of his wine

"I don't know if your nobility statutes will help you in this" Blackwolf says in a serious tone.

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