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Summary: This was not meant to be my fate and I will have my revenge

Brienna Archenway

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Gender: Female

Age: 24

Group: Prisoners

Crimes Committed

Falsely accused of murder

Skills/ Proficiencies

Brienna appears to be proficient in the art of preforming.

Physical Appearance

Tall and graceful. She holds herself with the poise of a dancer and speaks melodically like a singer. All this elegance easily distracts from her rather average face.

Personality and interests

A lover of the spotlight who enjoys taking on roles of leadership. Brienna seems rather charming and mysterious at first, but anyone perceptive can sense the underlying anger in her personality. She is prone to starting trouble for seemingly no reason and can get very radical once her mind is set on something.


When Brienna discovered her musical talents, she left her family to become a street performer. It was tough and slow at first, but eventually she made a name for herself and became somewhat known in her hometown. Her decision to have an affair with a married man lead his wife accusing Brienna of his murder a few weeks later. She never found out how her lover truly died but it wasn't long until she sat in chains, ready to be shipped off to the Golden Capital. Anger and resentment was now the only things she could think about.

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Image of Brienna Archenway
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