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Summary: I am the dagger of the sisters in corbeau woods

Dante de l'Hex

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Gender: Male

Age: 20

Group: Prisoners

Crimes Committed

Imprisoned for the Murder of Aldric the high priest and ruler of the city bonfire

Skills/ Proficiencies

He is skilled at Stealth, misdirection and sleight of hand
And in the art of killing

Physical Appearance

Dante is taller than most people

His skin is Pale as snow, his gray eyes seems sharp as knives

Locks of his hair obscure his face long and black like raven wings. He wears leather armor he fashioned himself and a coat with a hood over his head.

Personality and interests

He is Cold and distant, always planning, scheming, bribing or exploiting people he is quick to anger and can become very impulsive when he does.


Ballad of the sisters in corbeau woods

"the witches of corbeau woods

Three Sisters of decay,

The oldest name is Edna Moss, 

A cruel and ugly thing in truth

Then there is Abigail Ratt,

a cunning foul, corrupted Beast she is.

the youngest Rowena Grave,

Beautiful like nothing else, but still a spawn of hell, better remember this. 

if you find your way to their castle in corbeau woods"

Dante doesn't know what he is.

Not human anyway. 

not born from a human womb, but created from black magic, wielded by his mothers The sister witches of corbeau woods.

He does not feel like others feel, no pain no hunger, the only emotions he has ever felt is sadness and anger, He dont seem to age and has never experienced childhood.

His mothers cared for him like mothers should of course, but he is only a tool, a weapon their dagger to wield, he knew that, But did not mind it. He owed them his life, they gave him life, Raised him in a sense and taught him everything he knew.

It has been Twenty years since he was created,Twenty years of hard training and preparation, he was ready to be true to his purpose.

His mothers had given him a task, a list of people to slay. First on the list was Aldric the high priest that ruled the nearby city Bonfire. its name coming from all the witch burnings the church ordered the high priest was insane and a power hungry fool and condemned anybody innocent or not his words was believed to be divine an nobody dared to doubt him. 

But no more can the holy priest spew out his lies, Dante had completed the first step of the task. his dagger dripped blood on the temple floor, and High priest Aldric of bonfire was no more.

But his quest was far from over and now he needed a ride across the sea and he had heard rumors on the street that The kingdom sold of prisoners as slaves to the lands of Aurum, To help them rebuild their destroid capital.

And here comes the guards just in time. he had tipped them of himself Hoping that they would not execute him on the spot 

He put down his dagger and smiled as he surrendered.The guards ruffed him up real good but he did not feel pain so It did not matter, a free passage to Aurum, this was too easy he had thought proud of his plan as the guards took him away to the dungeons.

(Dante de l'Hex basically means dante from witches in a mix of french and german) 

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Image of Dante de l'Hex
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