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Summary: To the wolf you are only prey

Perokee the Wolf

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Gender: Male

Age: 53

Group: NPCs

Crimes Committed


Skills/ Proficiencies

Perokee is a liar. He is described as being capable to lying his way out of every situation. Despite his strong and intimidating exterior he can easily lead others to believe that he isn’t a threat in need to be dealt with. He brutally catches people off guard like a wolf does a rabbit.

Physical Appearance

He has a large, rock-like exterior with big hands and a small head. His smile however could win over the most heartless of men. Despite all this, his ageing exterior is unmissable.

Personality and interests

Perioke is known as ruthless and unfeeling. His only concern is his own interest. While he may be sweet and non-threatening at first, his victims soon come to see the horror behind his smile.


Not much is known of the Wolf’s past. The only things people know of him are the terrible crimes he seemed to continue getting away with until one fatal one, brought his eventual downfall. He attempted to rob the Duke of Harenbroth, a close friend and ally of the King. He was able to escape with a sack of gold, but was found, carelessly counting his coins in a nearby tavern. The king himself charged him with treason long before the trail of bodies he left behind was discovered.

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Image of Perokee the Wolf
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