We should stick together

Brienna remembered Dante’s words as the sun started setting. Marching up the steep hill to the inn for the night, was perhaps worse than the day of lifting rocks she had behind her. Arriving to a mere bed roll in a tent, especially angered her. It appeared that prisoners were to be kept in the tents outside like dogs.

Her legs were more tired than after a day of dancing on the streets and her hands felt like they would fall off of her wrists any second as she sat and waited for supper to be passed around.

She was more determined than ever to get out of this place when she spotted Meriele not too far from her. Brienna weaved her way past a few gathered prisoners, towards the girl.

“Girl,” she said as she approached her. She searched the crowd for Dante and once she spotted him she gestured his way. “Do you see that boy over there? Dark hair... not the ugly one... to the left. I think he may turn out as rather important later.” She checked the area around her, making sure no one was listening to her. “You should introduce yourself.”

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