Meriele was dragging by the end of the day. If she would have know that the girls hauling water also had to help load and unload the wagon going to the inn and the mess.

The good part was she did not have to walk up the hill the times three times the wagon made the trip. Being cute and smaller, got her placed on the wagon to ride up. She ended up stocking shelves and then writing down the supplies they brought, minus a couple things. The guard in charge of them was just about illiterate and zero was a concept he just couldn’t understand. If the sheet said there was suppose to be five, then there was five of that item, “Give me that,” she said taking the papers and pen from him. “If you do that your way we will all starve!!” So she assisted the quartermaster part of the time.

Meriele had fallen for the gold coin tree con a few years ago. A man had come into the tavern with a magical Beer Stein that had dirt in it. After a few drinks he started telling stories about how if you planted a coin in the dirt it would grow into a tree and from the tree coins would sprout and fall to the floor. Well, they took her for three gold coins and five silver before she figured it out. (Aka smart not incredibly wise.)

Some dried meat and an oranges made it into Meriele’s “pockets” (ooc: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x34cbya) that were not recorded. A couple of workers tried tried to steal a knives and ended up beaten and tied in the most undignified way to a tree branch high enough they had to stand on their toes with their arms above their heads. The camp would parade past them on their way to the mess. Still better than losing a hand though.

As she was allowed to go to the tent city, she would find a spot to call home for now. As she approached the tents she saw Brianna, motioning to her and telling her to go talk to Dante. “He said he wanted to talk to you too,” she said a little leary. She had learned that boys like cute girls and tend to do things to them. Back home she had boys that protected her, here the guards would watch and laugh or worse take part. She wasn’t going over there alone.

So she headed over to talk to the dark haired boy staying out of his reach if he would try to lunge at her. He would share what she had stollen with them when she had a tent and knew she was safe.

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