Dante sat in one of the tents. It was a little crowded since many of the other prisoners had noticed him standing up to the guard before and decided that they rather wanted him as a friend then an enemy. after a while a crowd had started following him around trying to get as close to him as they possibly could, Dante felt deeply annoyed by this, feeble minded and weak bodied fools im not here to be a shield for the people, he thought. he sat in the middle of the tent, he had made sure nobody blocked his view to the outside, he was trying to keep an close eye on his favorite guard with the leech that he had started calling Bob, but Bob just went into the tavern a place he could not follow at the moment. An ugly and loud man sitting to the left of him braked his chain of thoughts, he boasted about his strength and recounted an obviously made up story about how he single handedly and unarmed took down 3 squadrons of guards before they managed to subdue him. Dante was not interested in the man's fairy tale and his mind drifted away again. He noticed the girls from earlier, their rebellious minds and foolish bluntness will get them killed he thought. But What was it that kept him here, he had been stalling he noticed, why was I not out of here by now he wondered, it would not be that hard to escape if nothing else he probably could use brute force and get away.  As he looked at the girls He felt something unfamiliar, what is it with them? that make me lose track of my thoughts? my sense of priority? Are they witches? He wondered, did they put a spell on me? 

The older one with that honey voice and enthralling body movements, her bravery and how she seemed to be free from life's shackles even when not, he liked her. And the other, smaller one, that was like an enigma to him, he had seen that her hands sometimes went places they did not belong. into pockets that was not hers she was skilled at that kind of art. maybe better then himself. Her eyes hid a great mind and her act of a lost and helpless girl did not fool him but still he felt a strange, almost need to make sure she did not get into more trouble.

Why should I care about them? I don't even know their names. He thought, annoyed and bothered he buried his face in his hands and tried to forget the uncomfortable feelings, his unvolunterely smile he had on his face faded away as he heard the others resting inside the tent Talking about a new prisoner that had just arrived.

"Have you heard that Perokee has finally been captured?" one of them asked the other.

Dante stopped his train of thoughts, what did that man just say?

Could i really be this lucky dante thought

"Yes, the wolf I heard he took down five men before they managed to capture him,"  another one replied.

The Wolf, Perokee The Wolf one of the names on Dante's list was in this very prison camp, he knew it, that was the real reason he had been stalling his escape. He felt relieved and put aside the girls in his mind, just one more look he thought, and glanced over to the girls that were now approaching.

he said out loud surprising the others.

Sure he had told them to find him, but not now, not when he was trying to figure out what spell they had put on him.

"Give me some room guys, go make sure i can speak privately and safely with those ladies" he told the others as he gestured towards the girls.

"Here take this' 'Dante said and tossed them what remained of his almost untouched ration.

"O ofcourse Dante, yes Dante, thanks Dante"  they replied and left to stand guard.

They have their uses Dante thought, a lot less annoyed at them.

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