We Found You

Brienna was surprised and rather impressed by the crowd that had gathered around Dante. She recognised that his popularity made him an even more important ally.

She walked in front of Meriele, keeping her head high despite exhaustion. She made sure not to avoid eye contact with anyone that stole a glance at her. Despite the unfortunate uniform she was forced to wear, she still managed to attract a few welcoming stares. Her ego stayed in tact.

The two woman approached Dante, rather obviously with Brienna present.

“So,” she said in a deep voice. “We found you.” She moved closer to the man and sat beside him with her bowl of cold stew, gesturing for Meriele to do the same. “I’m Bienna, and this here is Meriele.”

Brienna casually ate her stew as to not attract any more attention to them and perhaps diverge any suspicion that had already risen.

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