Dante listened to what the girls said. He thought that Meriel was clever and decided that she would most likely come to be a very important piece to this game of chess that was about to begin. He couldn't help but feel for her because she didn't know how many sacrifices was coming their way. Dante looked at Brienna he found her really beautiful even more so this up close he could not take his eyes of her he was awestruck at how much life her eyes reflected "the eyes are like windows to the soul" where had he heard that, it was accurate in this case anyway and what Dante could see behind those windows was a pure and kindhearted spirit with a fire that loved to play and dance it was happy to live and everything was protected by a shield of tempered steel. Dante believed that she was trying hard to only show her shield but he could see past it. 

This emotions he feel are unfamiliar and confusing it is something he believed that he had never experienced before not in this way anyway

Dante saw the guard that seemed to listen in and made an descrite hand gesture to the ugly man that had been boasting about his strength before the ugly man looked at the guard then at dante he had an terrified expression on his face but after a while he accepted it and knew what he had to do, time to give proof of you strength that you like to brag about so much, little man dante thought. The ugly man looked defeated and with head slumped forward, arms hanging straight down and feet dragging in the dirt he slowly made his way towards the guards and when he arrived he snatched a key from the guards belt and ran away with the guard swearing loud curses running after, Dante looked at the girls and said 

"I just wanted him to follow the guard and report back if trouble was coming our way, i'm not used to working with people"

He looked at the direction they ran a little bit shocked 

"Guess we need to work on signals"

Dante muttered 

"Anyways good to finally learn your names Brienna and Merie but i believe it's safe to talk now,

I'm going to be blunt.. I don't know what is wrong with me"

Dante stopped and looked at Brienna

"ever since i saw you on the boat my mind has slowly stopped to make sense, my thoughts have been confusing,"

He looked towards Meriel and continued

Even more so since i saw you Meriel ,It seems to me that i have been imprisoned twice and the key to the second prison belongs to you two, 

He lowered his eyes as if he searched for answers in the gravel on the ground and spoke

"are you witches maybe? Have you bewitched me? Do you know my mothers? Did they send you two? 

He shaked his head to clear his mind and said

 "eh Nevermind it doesn't matter i have already thrown away my common sense and decided to trust and help you two to escape Because it's clear to me that you don't belong here"

After a sigh Dante continued by telling them everything.

Who he is, where he came from he told them about his list and the mission his mothers had given him he told them about what he had done to Bob the guard and the plan to make him believe he had gotten poisoned from the leech and bribe him with an antidote that didn't even exist in exchange for his help.

After a while an older man walked up to them interrupting dantes story

He had a strong build and was well trained but did not look clumsy at all like many strong men do he carried himself in a way that made him look graceful almost gliding instead of walking he had a smile that hid just a hint of a sense of superiority in the corner. The man stopped near Dante Brienna and Meriel looked at them one at a time and spoke.

"Ah but what do we have here a good day to you two beautiful ladies"

The man bowed to the girls then locked eyes with Dante

"And it's good to see you again, Dante De l'Hex!"

The man turned to face Dante directly with a smile on his face.

Dante was taken aback by the man's words and he could not hide the confusion on his face. How did this man know him, and how did he know that name De l'Hex, a name the people from Bonfire had given him when he was a child, it meant from witches. This man seemed so familiar to Dante where did he know him from.

"A Pitty, it seems you never truly learned how to hide your mind" 

the man paused for a second but never braked their eye contact

"a wolf must always seem confident or run the risk of being challenged dante"

A flood of memories invaded Dantes mind as soon he heard that phrase, memories he had forgotten. It was like if a wall collapsed and crumbled into dust, showing something that always had been there but hidden on the other side. and the memories were beautiful and the emotions that belonged to them was even more beautiful And overwhelming, it was feelings of joy and happiness something he never thought he had felt before, something he never hoped of even beginning to understand. he saw a vision of a man that he looked up to it was the same man that stood before him now only a more rugged and wild version but that did not matter. In the vision he saw the man holding a bow aimed at a training dummy he heard the man speak, teaching him how to survive, how to fight, act, think, how to hide and basically how to exist . Dante looked to this man as if to a father and a tear formed in the corner of his eye and traveled down his face only to fall of the edge the only tear he had ever cried and it was a tear of joy mistaken for a single raindrop it was absorbed into the thirsty, dry dirt and vanished before he even felt the emotion. Tears seem strange almost prophetic in a sense like they know to comfort before yourself know that you need it, a powerful magic, dante thought

The man spoke again

"Don't say that you don't recognise your…"

Dante stood up and cut his sentence of 

"Uncle Perokee" 

Perokee smiled and put his hands on his hips obviously pleased. Dante returned the smile but it faded away as he remembered the list. his thoughts consumed him and the outside world disappeared, why was uncle Perokee's name on the list? 

This Perokee seemed tame in comparison to the one he had known, before he had been a weathered and wild looking young man that had come from a small tribe of nomadic people in the area of corbeau woods. But now he looked like one of those high society noble men that lived in castles with hundreds of servants, one of those noble men that enjoyed robbing the population of gold and food. Even in prison clothes he managed to look elegant. Dante made a mental note to erase perokee's name from the list. He could not kill the only father he ever had. This had to be a mistake. But as he did a strange cold creeped up his spine, maybe it was a warning of some kind, maybe a dark and distant memory of this man tingling in the subconscious, or maybe his mothers the witches of corbeau woods were displeased with that decision.


(I like what you came up with for Perokee i don't want to change anything but since you left an opening for his past this is what i came up with to fill that void.)

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