Fools and sheep

[i] The man bowed to the girls then locked eyes with Dante

"And it's good to see you again, Dante De l'Hex!"

The man turned to face Dante directly with a smile on his face.

Dante was taken aback by the man's words and he could not hide the confusion on his face. How did this man know him, and how did he know that name De l'Hex, a name the people from Bonfire had given him when he was a child, it meant from witches. This man seemed so familiar to Dante where did he know him from.

"A Pitty, it seems you never truly learned how to hide your mind"

the man paused for a second but never braked their eye contact

"a wolf must always seem confident or run the risk of being challenged Dante"[\i]

Meriele listened intently to the what was being told them. The talks of magic was strange to her. Her mother had added pages to a book a man said was a spell book and rebound it for him. The writing seemed strange to her. She thought it to be an elaborate scam. She was told she was smart enough, belief in herself was another thing.

Perokee made her nervous. Not that she noticed beyond the false charm or the hidden threat. It was because he walked through the ring like he owned the place.

She noticed the knife sheathed in the small of his back. That made an impression. He had an in with the guards or did not care. If she stole it, he would simply tell the guards a knife was over in that area and they would toss the whole section of the camp. That would not make them friends.

She shifted slightly and pull her right leg in, getting ready to kick his knee if tried anything. Perokee smiled at her as if he expected her to strike him or dared her to. She was a sheep, but she knew that when the sheep got together the wolf could lose. She played her part for the moment shifting her whole body back and trying to look small. He returned to the conversation.

She watched to see who had come with him. “No one! The fool had no one to watch his back! Probably already had a guard in his pocket,”she thought.

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