Mischievous Charm

Brienna listened attentively to Meriele, grinning at her brilliant mind.

“You’ve a sharp eye, girl” she said. “And an even sharper mind. I knew you’d be of use.” She pointed her spoon at the girl and grinned. “It will be good to have some people on our side and helping out those poor souls over there,” she gestured towards the tree where the prisoners hung, stark naked and groaning in pain. “May just provide that. I believe I could cause quite the scene to keep those guards distracted. They act as though they’re not looking but I know they like what they see every time they glance into my direction.” She gave an innocent shrug which did nothing to hide the narcissism in her tone.

When Dante started speaking, her grin got even wider.

"ever since i saw you on the boat my mind has slowly stopped to make sense, my thoughts have been confusing...are you witches maybe? Have you bewitched me? Do you know my mothers? Did they send you two?

Brienna laughed. “It’s not witchcraft boy, you’re a mere man in the presence of two beautiful women. If I— if wedidn’t need you thinking straight, I would not care about the ways your mind wanders. But since we do, it would be best to keep a clear head if you could.” She took another spoon full of soup and added, “you may imagine us naked once you help us out.” She stole a glance at Meriele imagining how uncomfortable she must be and as much as she liked the girl, it amused her.

For the next few moments Brienna simply watched the encounter between the large, charming man and Dante. his reaction to him was surprising to her and when he called the man ‘uncle’, Brienna frowned. This man... Perokee or something, was a clear emotional liability to Dante. She wasn’t about to rely on someone who had such an enormous weak spot, but Dante was too good to dismiss. She would have to find a way to get rid of the uncle.

“Well,” she started and stood up, getting closer to Perokee. “Any friend of Dante’s is a friend of mine, so Its pleasure to meet you Perokee.” She stretched her hand out to the man to shake but he took it and placed a tender kiss onto it instead.

“And what might your name be, love?” He asked looking at her with the eyes of a predator.

“I’m Brienna, Brienna... Himberrel.” She smiled, adapting to his own act. Any offhanded charm he threw at her, she could return with ease.

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