Introduction and a friendly warning

He looked at the women offering him water,

Taken off guard by her question wondering if she could be trusted. He looked around and felt a little uncomfortable with how many people it was nearby that could have heard her. He could see the fire in her eyes and decided that she probably meant what she said. She spoked and moved with such grace and charisma, dante couldn't help it, he liked her

But he was not here as fuel to her rebellious fire. He needed to focus on his own task and remember that. but maybe she could be of help to him

And maybe he could help her in some small way.

He did not want to lie to this woman, she would probably not take kindly to that. As he stepped towards her pretending to go for the water he faked an injury caused by the recent beating and falled over the women taking the opportunity to whisper in her ear.

"Im Dante, be careful crows have eyes and ears everywhere

And you never know whom the speak to"

Dante stood up and dusted himself off like nothing had happened. 

"I'm sorry i didn't mean to fall on you but my legs are hurting" he said, giving her a wink hoping to speak with her again some place more privately

Dante gave the other women a glance and wondered what her role in this was. as he was fake limping past her. He said just in time for only her to hear. "Tell your friend to find me again"

Then coninued away to a work station, that was extracting large rocks with a pickaxe, from there he could keep an eye on the guard that he had put the leech on.

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