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Gender: femail

Age: 18

Group: Chronicle Guardians

Planet of Origin



force sencitivity


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Physical Appearance

Arurua stands about 5 feet 4 inches tall. She has pail skin bright blue eyes and red hair. She usually where dark light waght clothing resembling something the Jedi might where but not quite.

Personality and interests

Aurora is slightly force sensitive having a strong connection to her campaign a Pijal varactyl Phoenix . In fact she prefers the wild to large citys, and the conpany Phoenix to other people. She also lover her brother Kye though he dose get on her nerves from time to time. She seams out of place indoors like a caged animal. Her favorite activity insult involve rock climbing and exploring new places especially. She is kind, gentle, and soft spoken most of the time but she dose have a temperature that gets her into trouble.


Aurora was born in Pijal but her parents were humans how had moved there from Naboo her parents were ecologist and had moved to Pijal to study the wild life there. Aurora grow up on the wilder areas of the planet. She was more at home camplaning then in there small house on the eagle of the capital city.

When the Dominon took over her parents were killed by storm troops for speaking out and fighting back and trying to protest the ecosystem around them. Aurora was 12 at the time her parents had told her to take Phinxos and get help. By the time she returned her home and parents were gone. The only server was her brother key. She joined the
Chronicle Guardians after that and never looked back.


Dunium staff
(Mothers staff) Dunium and bescar

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Image of Aurora
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