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Summary: The Apologetic Gunner


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Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Chronicle Guardians

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Physical Appearance

Kye stands at about 5 feet with pale skin, long red hair, and blue eyes. He often wears dark clothing that is light weight (whatever is most comfortable, really).

Personality and interests

A quiet and sweet young man that is rather naive. He follows Aurora and her companion, Phenix. He feels out of place almost everywhere he goes and is known for rarely smiling unless it is for Aurora and their companion.

His favorite hobby is tinkering with droids and fixing guns.


He was born in Pijal just like his sister and simply followed Aurora wherever she went. Despite enjoying being outdoors more often than not, he got very into tinkering with droids and learning to use/fix guns.

When the Dominion took over, he witnessed their parents die while hiding after they told Aurora to get help. Ever since, he has followed her around as basically a small shadow. Often, when asked, he can be a sniper for jobs to help keep her safe.


Twin Blasters
Sniper Rifle
Old Knife (mostly for close combat)

Player Notes

He's very naive and his mind has blocked out the memory of how his and Aurora's parent's died.

He is often mistaken for a girl and will not let anyone touch his hair, not even Aurora (personal reasons).

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Image of Kye
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