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Summary: A Worldly Treasure Hunter For The Chronicle


Gender: Male

Age: 42

Group: Chronicle Guardians

Planet of Origin



Treasure Hunter



Physical Appearance

A tall Chiss male with dark hair and red eyes.

Personality and interests

Kavan is a laid back man who seems comfortable in his own skin. He is more interested in his next payment from the Chronicle than anything else. His only goal is to keep his ship flying.


Born on Taris near the end of The Chaos, he was orphaned and forced to survive on the streets. He was made a slave by Sokkar The Hutt, which allowed him to travel the galaxy and see and learn many things, but also had to suffer many indignities. It wasn't until Sokkar was assassinated by a rival gang leader that Kavan was free to forge his own path.

He claimed the Bloodwing, Sokkar's private ship, and began to roam the galaxy for various jobs and adventures. He was a smuggler, a pirate, and eventually fell in with The Chronicle when they offered him a job finding and bringing them ancient relics from the Fallen Republic.


Blaster Rifle
Starship - The Bloodwing

Player Notes

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Image of Kavan
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