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Summary: A Brilliant Magus of The Dominion

Magus Tyrel

Gender: Male

Age: Unkown

Group: The Dominon

Planet of Origin



Dominion Magus



Physical Appearance

A tall man in a fine set of armored robes with a helmet.

Personality and interests

Tyrel is loyal to The Dominion and is firmly of the belief that they are the salvation of the galaxy.


Born on Korriban Tyrel was the son of a wealthy family who put him through the best training and schooling programs to prepare him for a career in The Dominon. When he was discovered to be force sensitive, he was placed in the Magus program and became an adept force wielder.


Lightsaber - Wields a crackling green lightsaber.
Blaster- Has a blaster as his sidearm.

Player Notes

Tyrel is a skilled Force user.
Many Magus wield green lightsabers due to their crystals being synthetically manufactured.

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Image of Magus Tyrel
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