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Summary: A Wandering Scholar


Gender: Female

Age: 27

Group: Other

Planet of Origin






Physical Appearance

A tall Miraluka woman with bandages over where her eyes would be if she was human. Long dark hair and fair skin. Wears common traveler robes and carries a walking stick.

Personality and interests

A quiet and reserved woman. She is used to traveling alone and her interest in studying the past before The Cataclysm.


Jade was orphaned on Tatooine and was taken in by the locals of Mos Pontel, primarily her "Uncle" a man named Bo raised her as his surrogate daughter, teaching her how to survive all the while aware that her nature as a Miraluka allowed her a natural affinity for The Force.

For a time, Jade joined the Chronicle and was trained as a guardian due to her affinity to The Force. However, she had a falling out with The Chronicle and decided to go her own way for reasons only known to her.


Walking Stick - Jade's walking stick, helps her navigate and is more than an effective defensive weapon.

Player Notes

Jade is surprisingly strong in The Force due to her being a Miraluka, a sightless race who use The Force to see.

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