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Summary: A Hunter That Goes By His Own Rules


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Gender: Male

Age: 21

Group: Bounty Hunters

Planet of Origin



Bounty Hunter
Scythe Wielder



Physical Appearance

Average height Chiss with blue skin, red eyes, and blue-black hair. His chest and stomach are covered in scars and he has a robotic left arm. A single scar crosses the bridge of his nose.

Personality and interests

A straightforward and rough individual who often jumps in weapons swinging first. He's the type of guy that never takes no for an answer and has is always out for himself. It is rare for him to actually care for someone else.


Born on Csilla, but raised in spaceships, he betrayed his own race for his own sake. The older he got, the more bold and reckless he became, resulting in the loss of his left arm. At least, that's the story he tells...

He now works as a bounty hunter for hire.


Retractable Scythe
Blaster Pistol
Robotic Arm

Player Notes

He does what he wants when he wants and has his own personal morals.

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Image of Lathan
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