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Summary: A Brilliant Engineer


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Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Other

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Expert Engineer

Physical Appearance

Tall and muscled, he has blue skin, dark blue-black hair, and the typical red eyes of Chiss. He has a single scar on his right cheek, a lip ring, and multiple earrings in both ears. He's often in engineer clothes with heavy boots.

Personality and interests

A very confident man who knows his skills are very useful to those around him. He is often friendly and can come off as condescending, but is a good individual that is straightforward about everything. He loves to take engines apart and fix any kind of machine, including droids. What he truly enjoys working on the most, though, are old ships rather than the newer ones.


Born with engineers for parents, he gladly followed in their footsteps and was soon going off on his own. He is known as one of the best engineers out there, but has a habit of choosing who he wants to work for. When he does work for someone, he gladly sticks around until the job is done.

Currently, it is unknown who he really works for...


Blaster Pistol
Engineer tools

Player Notes

None at this time.

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Image of Jayce
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