In The Skies of Dantooine

Dominion vessels loomed over the world of Dantooine as talon fighters swarmed the fleet of Chronicler carrier ships. They had reached the world almost at the same time and were now fighting for control of the space above the planet. For control of the very planet itself.

Kavan dipped the Bloodwing down and into the clouds, the two factions not noticing him as he approached the ancient city. He soon landed on a stable platform, a wrecked ship from before The Cataclysm that was now fused into the rock from years of time and nature's invasion of its innermost spaces. Kavan was quick to switch on his helmet, which folded over his head and began to provide a clearer image of the area than with his naked eyes. Holstering his blaster and shouldering his rifle he stepped out and could immediately hear the distant explosions from the battle above as it entered the atmosphere.

There wasn't much time. The ancient Jedi enclave was not far from where he was, and within were relics that The Chronicle wanted, as did The Dominion. Kavan didn't much care about either, all that mattered was that The Chronicle paid well enough, and weren't inclined to stab you in the back like The Dominion.

Kavan made his way through the ancient wreck and down to ground level and was soon on his way to the enclave. All the while the thunder from the battle above continued in the distance.


Dominion Soldiers were clad in black and red armor. They rushed out of the dropship and into the chaos of the battle on the ground as more Chronicle ships made planetfall. All the while Magus Tyrel marched down the cargo ramp and studied the battlefield. Chronicle Guardians had managed to claim some of the buildings in the city and were setting up anti-air guns to keep the Dominion ships from landing too close.

Tyrel was quick to produce his lighstaber, the green blade crackling with unstable energy as he stepped into the battle and proceeded to cleave his way through the hapless chroniclers who stood between him and the answers this place had.


"Blue Nine, this is Echo Five." A voice came over Kavan's comms. "We're getting hammered out here, best be quick."

"Yeah yeah... and again, why is my callsign Blue Nine?" Kavan said wryly.

"It was pulled at random I swear."

"More like Masany has an issue with people with blue skin..." Kavan said, again, wryly.

"Focus on the task at hand. We're looking for holocrons. Jedi knowledge that could help us learn more about The Force, the history of the Fallen Republic. Time before The Cataclysm."

"I know... I know... fate of the galaxy type stuff..." Kavan rolled his eyes. He just cared about his paycheck.

The enclave was like a tomb, an ancient monument to times of old long overgrown by foliage and vines. Kath hounds were wandering around the front courtyard. Rather ornery critters to be sure. Kavan pulled his rifle and had it ready should they decide to get territorial with him.

Much to his surprise, Kavan found the front door to the enclave to be open, recently opened in fact. "Echo Five? I think someone beat us to the enclave."

"Get in there fast! We can't lose this place to The Dominion!"

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