What We Came Here For

"That's why we are here to protect the history here” she said lowering her staff.

"You are Chroniclers... You don't protect history... you horde it, sell it..." Jade said with a tinge of venom to her words.

“ I’m Aurora and this is my brother Kye. Who are you and why are you here” she asked curiously. She was quietly confused by the stranger in front of her. She half wondered how the lady saw with her eyes covered like that.

Jade regarded the girl with a tilt of her head, her mouth forming a small grin. "I am Jade, and I am a scholar. Searching for answers to the past. However, unlike you, it's to learn from our past so it does not repeat..."

Kavan rolled his eyes, she sounded like a Chronicler. Yet she didn't have the telltale patch. She was just a scavenger. "The holocron... if you'd be so kind..." He said as he gestured to the holocron in Jade's hand.

Jade tucked the holocron into her robes and leaned on her staff. "It come with me..."

"Three of us, four if you count the lizard." Kavan said, hefting his rifle in a menacing manner.

"You have eyes that don't see..." Jade said calmly. "Don't trifle with things you do not understand..."

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