Use Your Brain When Brother Is Around

Jayce raised an eyebrow and glanced to Lathan. "That man is no brother of mine," He told her. "I just know you're assaulting a man that is trying to talk things out with you and you're refusing to calm that pretty head of yours enough to come to your senses." He said and pulled Aurora away from the other chiss. "If you persist, I will have to put you outside."

His grip tightened onto her shoulder further, knowing a bruise would be left behind.

"So, sit and talk or I'll be the one holding onto your precious staff." Jayce said with a dangerous smile as he gestured to said weapon. "Think about all of this very carefully, Aurora. I really don't like the idea of hurting such a pretty woman."

Lathan kept silent as he folded his scythe and returned it to his hip, forcing his metal arm to straighten out. "Your brother's back, by the way."

Kye stepped into the room, a look of concern on his face. "Sis, what are you doing?" He asked.

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